We Are AA

Since our founding in 1994, our work has been driven by a devotion to public service and a desire to bridge the gap between public programs and the communities they serve. Our vision is to positively impact our communities through honest and creative engagement using innovative communication tools and techniques. Our clients include a variety of cities, transportation agencies, planning organizations, and other government and non-profit entities throughout Southern California. We are also proud to be certified as a Small Business Enterprise, Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, Women/Minority Business Enterprise, and County of LA Community Business Enterprise.

We Love Tech

The use of technology in our outreach programs is an essential, cost-effective, and fun communication method. From interactive maps to texting survey apps to live public webcasts, we love trying new tools and maximizing our stakeholders’ engagement experience.

We Collaborate

By building strong relationships with stakeholders — elected officials, environmental justice groups, faith-based leaders, community organizations, businesses, residents, and others — our team creates an environment where true collaboration takes place. We listen, we facilitate, we document, and we follow-up.

We Rise to the Challenge

Effective engagement can help greenlight a public project or stop it in its tracks. Infrastructure, transportation, and other community planning projects can be incredibly complex. We enjoy rising to the challenge of creatively and carefully implementing meaningful projects for positive change.