Project Description




I-405 connecting the San Fernando Valley through the Sepulveda Pass to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is one of the most critical—and congested—freeway corridors in the United States. To further improve mobility in this region, Metro is evaluating a range of transportation and transit options. The project is a feasibility study focused on identifying a program-level strategy to address transportation needs for the Sepulveda Pass.


  • AA is leading the outreach effort and has coordinated six community meetings, four elected/city staff briefings, four transit station pop-up booths, and over 20 community events within the project area.
  • AA developed an educational online survey to gather feedback, which generated 6,000+ responses.
  • AA assisted Metro with specific outreach presentations to local neighborhood councils throughout the study area.
  • AA has produced over 13 information e-blasts to help keep stakeholders up to date with current project information.
  • AA assisted with the production of project videos and Facebook events for community meetings which received more than 200 comments and 474 shares.