Project Description




The OC Loop in Orange County is a vision for a 66-mile seamless link for people to bike, walk and access some of the county’s most scenic beaches, local parks, schools, shopping areas, and active transportation corridors. It provides connectivity to off-street trails along the San Gabriel River, Coyote Creek, Santa Ana River and the Coast, increasing access to recreational areas throughout Southern California. About 70% of the OC Loop is already in place and serves about 650,000 Orange County residents and thousands of visitors every year. The County of Orange is currently working with cities along the OC Loop on a study to close the remaining gaps.


  • AA engaged with a variety of stakeholders, including local and regional bicycle groups and homeowners associations to ensure all parties were involved from the beginning.
  • AA connected with neighborhood watch groups to help disseminate project information.
  • AA coordinated ad placements in City and County Supervisor newsletters and produced website/social media content for local cities to post.
  • AA conducted door-to-door noticing to adjacent housing complexes and assisted with stakeholder one-on-one meetings to help answer any specific questions.
  • AA prepared a project survey, assisted with the development of collateral materials, and staffed numerous community events and pop-up booths.